06 March 2014

Kesi express : a fun french game !

This year, I decided to participate to a french game organized by a manufacturer I love, Kési'art. Welcome to the "Kesi'express"!
Each week, the game brings the players to a new country and there are differents prompts to make a project. Then, two scrapbookers face each other and only one wins. The game started with 128 players, then 64 and now, we are 32 left.
So, after Arizona and Mexico, we are now in Peru ! Here is my project for this week's challenge :

homemade set of cards
Patterned papers, dies and stamps by Kesiart.

Cette année, sans vraiment y réfléchir, je me suis inscrite au Kesi'express organisé par Kési'art. J'ai eu la surprise (et la joie) de passer deux étapes, ce qui m'a amenée au Pérou, avec cependant le drapeau noir des bons derniers ! 
Pour cette étape, il fallait uniquement des couleurs chaudes, le thème de l'amour et mon drapeau noir : des chevrons. J'ai décidé de faire un set de cartes. Ce sera sans doute ma dernière étape, mais ça aura vraiment été amusant !

scrapbooking homemade card
Papers : patterned papers by Kesiart and cardstock by Bazzill - Tools : dies by Kesiart (heart and tags) and stamps by Kesiart (sentiment, chevrons and hearts) - Other : brad and machine sewing.

 I was asked to use only warm colors, the love theme, and also chevrons (this last one was my "black flag" because I was the very last to send my project last week).

It probably will be my last stop but it was a fun game !


  1. The cards are beautiful - sounds like a fun (if sad when you lose) game. Well done on getting this far!

  2. What an adorable set of cards!

  3. Very nice set ! Did you make the box ? I keep my fingers crossed for you...

    1. Thank you !
      Yes I did.
      En cartonnage, avec du kraft gommé.

  4. Une belle idée que ce set de cartes. Elles sont très jolies !

  5. Oh my gosh, those cards are so cute! And the matching box is adorable!! So creative!!