03 September 2013

Some additional tutorials for the September Counterfeit Kit...

This month, I was really inspired by the inspiration kit on the Counterfeit Kit challenge Blog !

Voici quelques petits tutoriels supplémentaires pour le kit fait-maison de septembre (inspiré par le CKC blog).

I chose the "Adventure" kit as inspiration because I thought that there were lots of papers that I could forge, like this multicolored big chevron one :


Firstly, create a grid on 12 by 12 paper, and use it to draw about six regular chevrons. Then cut out partially two spaced out chevrons (let about one inch on each side). It will be your stencil.
Fasten your paper stencil to your background paper with washi tape, and spread ink with a blending tool.
Tip : use a craft sheet or a plastic sheet to start you circular movement, it prevents the foam to let marks and it helps to blend the ink better.
Allow to dry and move your stencil to ink each chevron. You can layer a little some chevrons if you want, like on the original paper from Crate Paper.
Note that the result paper will not be 12 by 12 because of the edges on the stencil.

Pour imiter ce papier à gros chevrons multicolores de Crate Paper, j'ai tout d'abord fabriqué un pochoir en papier (j'ai tracé un quadrillage sur une feuille de brouillon pour m'aider à dessiner des chevrons réguliers, puis j'ai évidé deux chevrons, en laissant un petit bord de chaque côté).
Ensuite, j'ai fixé mon pochoir sur mon fond de page avec du scotch de masquage et j'ai encré avec une petite éponge à encre (j'ai utilisé un tapis plastifié - marron sur la photo - pour éviter les traces disgracieuses et obtenir un effet fondu).
J'ai régulièrement déplacé mon pochoir pour encrer tout mon fond de page, et voilà ! Par contre, le fond de page obtenu ne fait pas 30 cm de côté à cause des bords du pochoir...

I thought that I also may share more photos about my homemade labels and how I made them :


Quelques photos supplémentaires de mes étiquettes maison... Pour tamponner seulement les parties de tampons dont j'avais besoin, j'ai utilisé des feutres encreur ou la technique du masquage.

Ink pens are really great to ink selected parts of any stamp, and it helps to stretch their use. For example, I needed a little circle and I only had this circled star stamp... No problem with the ink pen !
I love to use masks for layering stamped images, it adds a nice touch, like my ledger stamp into the circle label.
Masks are also great to add colors on a selected surface (see the last photo where I add yellow ink onto powder-embossed stamped words).

Handwritten stickers words are trendy but if you don't mind to cut up (and after that, to glue !), they are not difficult to make (and I love that handwritten items are written with my own writing, in the size I want, with the words I need !) : just write with a lead pencil (write normally first, then add thickness to your words), cut with precision scissors and erase...
Tip : cut up the letter's inners first (you may prefer to use a cutter for that), it helps to prevent them from tearing. The bigger the word, the easier to cut up.


I chose to use white paper, that way I will color the words to match my layouts.

Et pour finir, des mots écrits et découpés à la main, comme quand j'ai débuté le scrap... Toujours aussi long, mais surtout toujours aussi bon marché pour quelqu'un qui n'a pas de machine de découpe électronique !
A demain pour un nouveau tutoriel.

Come back tomorrow to see the last tutorial : the big white chevrons on kraft paper.


  1. What fantastic ideas. I love what you have done here!

  2. You are encroyable!!! (Hope I spelled that right :~)

  3. Brilliant tutorials - so clever!

  4. the chevron paper is SO gorgeous! really lovely, luscious colours

  5. Great tutorials! Your hand written & cut titles look like something one would create using a Silhouette or similar machine. Awesome :)

  6. I love this!!! That chevron is simply gorgeous!! And the cut out words are so lovely. I cut out titles I've written, but usually leave a border around it. I will have to try it all cut out like this. This is just great ~~ Blessings ~~ dawn