01 September 2013

A customized paper banner for my blog

My first project with this kit is a customized paper banner for my blog ! I was inspired by the french blog "Chez les poulettes, on s'affiche !" (I think it means "With the chicks, we flaunt ourselves !" because it's a blog with a new banner sketch each month.).

Supplies used : Patterned papers by My Mind's Eyes and Swirlcards - Doily die by Kési'art - Handmade items : paper with Distress inks, washi tape (with handmade stamp) and label.
Mon tout premier projet avec mon kit de septembre fait-maison, c'est une bannière pour mon blog ! J'ai suivi le sketch proposé sur le blog des Poulettes.
Un des papiers utilisés est fait-maison à l'aide d'encres Distress (appliquer différentes couleurs sur une surface lisse, vaporiser un peu d'eau, appliquer SANS FROTTER la feuille pour encrer toute la surface, et sécher au pistolet à chaleur pour fixer le résultat).

One of my patterned paper is homemade with distress inks.
I was inspired by a Crate Paper paper (which is part of this month's inspiration kit), and even if I didn't manage to get a close likeness, I still love the similar blurred look.


Step 1 : Apply Distress inks (the lighter color first) on the craft sheet and spray some water.
Step 2 : Apply carefully the paper onto the ink. Move without rubbing and press gently several times to ink all the surface.
Step 3 : Dry with a hot gun to fix the result, add some subtle stamping and ink the edges.

Notice that when they will be dry, the colors will lighten.

I also used my homemade washi tape.
I used a plain white washi tape and I stamped it with chevrons (this is a handmade stamp from my July counterfeit kit) with my Archival ink (I needed a multi surface ink), then I let dry all the night.


J'ai aussi utilisé du scotch de masquage fait-maison en encrant du scotch de masquage blanc avec une encre muti-surface (le tampon chevron est lui aussi fait-maison, voir mon kit de Juillet).

Finally, I used one of my homemade labels.
For making them, I gathered my labels and words stamps, my ink pencils (to ink only what I select) and some sticky notes to use as masks, and I started to play !


Et pour finir, j'ai aussi utilisé l'une de mes étiquettes fait-maison !

I will share the doily paper's tutorial tomorrow !


  1. oh my! this is gorgeous. you are so talented! so much creativity here - super impressed.

  2. I agree - your banner is beautiful! I love your idea of homemade washi tape too!

  3. Great tutorial... I want to go make pretty papers now! LOL TFS!

  4. I, too, love that paper & feel that your forgery perfectly gives the same feel as the original, and SO EASY! Your other items are charming as well :~D

  5. Quelle jolie bannière !! j'adore !

  6. Great ideas. I'm borrowing that washi tape one .

  7. ooh, thanks heaps for sharing... I feel quite a bit motivated to get in and get some of my own bits and pieces done!

  8. You are truly amazing and are going to save me a fortune!!!! ;D

  9. Bravo pour cette très jolie bannière !

  10. OHHHHHHHH quelle superbe bannière! Et merci de promouvoir le blog des Poulettes, c'est très gentil!
    à bientôt j'espère