27 September 2013

A notebook and a matched card

While I was using my leftovers from my two counterfeit kits, I realized that I didn't use this homemade paper with flowers. I decided to make a notebook and a matched card, with chalkboard labels (and I used some of my homemade embellishments).

homemade notebook
Supplies used : Patterned papers by Pebbles, Fancy Pants and homemade - Stamps by Scraposphère, Toga, EsKiss Design, 4h37, Katzelkraft, WRMK and Hero Arts - Watercolor pencils, buttons and sewing machine.

 The card was also inspired by a challenge from a french blog "Carte Maniak" : using a button with a bow.

25 September 2013

A pie chart card

Do you remember the tutorial I made about how to make your own pie-chart or spinner ? Well, I really wanted to use it so I made a card with it :

Supplies used : Patterned papers by Swirlcards and Basic Grey - Stamps by Katzelkraft (flower), Imaginisce (circle), Hero Arts (polka dots) and Denim Tampons (sentiment) - Dies by Quickutz and Kési'art (doily) - White pen, pin and ribbon.

This card was also inspired by a challenge from 1-2-3 Challenge blog : using pink, flowers (mine are stamped) and the word "sweet" ( I adapted with a french word). Sadly, this challenge blog will close up if they don't have more entries... So give them a look, their challenges are great !

16 September 2013

A homemade spinner or pie chart embellishment (with tutorial)

And this is my last challenge as guest designer for the Counterfeit kit Challenge blog (such a fun experience !) : using a game element (premade or not).
 Here is a quick tutorial for making your own spinner :

scrapbooking tutorial

scrapbooking tutorial

I was also inspired by Hello Story week 7 : using a pie-chart.

Finally, I wanted to share this last quick tutorial about he cards I made for my counterfeit kit (I used several of them for my today's layout) :

scrapbooking tutorial

1. For the stars card, I just stamped tiny black stars on a distressed blue paper... Easy peasy !
2. For the hearts card, I started by stamping a ledger stamp with a subtle ink (Distress ink Purnice stone), and then I added pink tiny hearts. The ledger stamp made it easier for stamping straightly.
3. For the striped card, I used a stripes stamp and colored ink pencils.
4. And for the clouds card, well, I forgot to take photos ! I started by using die-cuts clouds as masks and I stamped a grid stamp (with a subtle ink). Then I sprayed some blue ink. Finally, I removed the clouds masks and I stamped a black fancy tree.

05 September 2013

Counterfeiting WRMK Chalkboard !

This month, the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog has a special theme : counterfeiting the new releases ! I chose to get inspired by the Chalkboard collection by We're Memory Keepers :

WRMK chalkboard papers

And here is the kit I forged :

counterfeited chalkboard kit

Firstly, here are the embellishments (the manufacturer's embellishments on the left, mine on the right) :
homemade chalkboard embellishments

Here is a quick explanation for the red frame :
1. I lightly inked a white paper with a cut'n-dry sponge and red ink.
2. I stamped a frame with the same red ink.
3. I cut out the inside of the frame.
4. I stamped some words with white ink on black paper (that I distressed with white ink before, for a chalkboard effect).
5. I decorated the words with a white pen (see on the photo below the little white pattern that I drew for example on the bottom right of the black paper : I added it on each letter).
6. I sticked the red frame onto it.

chalkboard embellishments tutorial

Now, let's see the papers ! On the left, the manufacturer's ones and on the right, my counterfeited papers :

homemade paper

For this flowers paper, I used a similar way than for THIS one.
Firstly, I chose my stamps as close as possible than the patterns.
1. I stamped the flowers with soft pink ink, the big flowers first, then the smaller.
2. I cut up the same flowers on (neon pink) sticky note paper to create a mask : I put the (neon pink) masks on the stamped flowers to protect them and I stamped the little black leaves (I move around the masks as needed).
3. Then I stamped the bigger leaves with green ink (still using my flowers masks).
4. I stamped the yellow little flowers (I used ink pens to ink them with three colors).
5. Finally, I stamped a tiny pink flower everywhere I could.
6. I colored my patterned paper with watercolor pencils and a wet brush.

stamped paper tutorial

For this second paper, I decided to create a roller stamp :
homemade paper

I cut up some triangles from creative foam and stuck them on my roller. Then, I inked it with white ink, and that's all ! I also made a 12 by 12 paper with this technique because it was really easy !

chalkboard paper tutorial

So easy that I thought that I might create another paper with colored ink, but it was harder to put different colors on the roller (I used some (green) masking tape to keep some place from being inked).

stamped paper tutorial

I was trying to get the same feeling than this WRMK arrows paper...

homemade chalkboard paper

Each of my chalkboard paper is distressed with white ink first :
 chalkboard paper tutorial

I really thought that it would be more difficult, but actually, I just use a little recycled sponge and some white ink and I made exactly as if I was washing a chalkboard... The white ink I used wasn't juicy, it was rather almost dry, so it was easy.

For the paper with the decorated corner, I used a flourish stamp because I was too lazy to repeat the flower pattern as I did for my first counterfeited paper !

homemade chalkboard paper

For the chevrons paper, I used a stamp first, and then I drew some hatchings onto it with a white pen.
chalkboard paper tutorial

The big polka dots paper can be counterfeited by using a little circle rubber from a pencil !
homemade chalkboard paper

The hardest part is to keep everything straight...

chalkboard paper tutorial

For this paper, I started by stamping some leaves all over the paper, and then I hatched onto it with my white pen :
homemade chalkboard paper

chalkboard paper tutorial

Drawing straightly isn't easy ! I will have to hide this hole :

homemade chalkboard paper

chalkboard paper tutorial

Same here with handwriting...

chalkboard paper tutorial

For this last paper, I tried to use watercolors but I am not comfortable at all with this technique...

homemade watercolor paper

So I decided to use it the same way than Distress inks (like I did HERE), but with more water : I put some watercolors on the craft sheet, I added lots of water and I gently pressed the edges of the paper on it. I repeated with my three colors.
  watercolor paper tutorial

Actually, it's not really the last paper, because I plan to counterfeit this one, perhaps, using the same technique than for THIS big chevron paper.

I had so much fun forging this collection pack, and now, I am longing to use it !
I hope that it was interesting for you, thanks for looking.

04 September 2013

Homemade paper

Have you ever intend to do something but never know how to start ? I do !

Vous avez déjà voulu faire une page sur un sujet très spécial sans jamais savoir par où commencer ? Moi oui ! Et c'est justement le premier challenge proposé sur le CKC blog

Je voulais scrapper ma grand-mère depuis si longtemps, je suis contente d'avoir enfin réussi à le faire. Tout est parti de la bannière de mon blog que je voulais absolument réutiliser pour une page, mais je la trouvais trop romantique pour scrapper mes petits garçons. Par contre, c'était exactement l'atmosphère que je voulais pour la page sur ma grand-mère, donc voilà...

Je me suis aussi inspirée d'un atelier d'Ali Edwards où elle suggère d'utiliser une histoire en seulement six mots sur nos pages (bon, moi, c'est un peu plus long, mais j'ai beaucoup aimé utiliser un long titre et je recommencerai !).

I wanted to make a page about my beloved grand-mother for so long but I've never found how to start this special project.
I really loved the banner that I made with my September counterfeit kit and I wanted to use it in my usual scrapbooking. I thought that the banner's soft feeling would nicely matches my grand-mother's wonderful and kind personality, and then the page came together easily.

Supplies used : Patterned papers by My Mind's Eyes, American Crafts and Swirlcards - Stamps by Florilèges Design (flourish) - Die by Kési'art (doily) - Alphabet by Quickutz - Handmade items : background paper (Distress inks), washi tape (with handmade stamp), label and flower (gathered ribbon).
I was inspired by the Challenge #1 on the CKC Blog : "making a project that you have always intended to start".

I was also inspired by Hello Story week 6 : "a six words story". I don't used to make long titles but I loved it and I will do it again ! My title reads "Moments with you are in my heart forever". Well, it's longer than six words, isn't it ?

The (handmade) ribbon flower came from my August counterfeit kit.

La fleur est fait-maison et provient de mon kit d'Août.

First, I planned to use this homemade paper (inspired by a Crate Paper paper), but I finally opted for the woodgrain one.

If you want to make your own big chevron patterned paper, here is a quick tutorial, the last one for this month's kit (but come back tomorrow, and you will have a big surprise !) :

scrapbooking tutorial

I used a big set square and some scrap paper to mask the zone that I wanted to ink (and I made marks with a lead pencil to keep the stripes regular) .
I fastened my homemade stencils with masking tape to prevent them to move. Then, I white inked with a blending foam with circular movements.
You might also use white paint or white mist because it should be faster. But I do like the look of the white ink when spread with the blending foam.

Au départ, je voulais utiliser ce fond de page, mais j'ai finalement préféré le papier faux-bois. 
Je vous montre quand même comment j'ai fabriqué le gros chevron blanc : j'ai utilisé une grosse équerre et deux feuilles de papier imprimante pour créer un pochoir et j'ai encré les bandes ainsi créées (j'avais fait des repères sur mon fond de page pour positionner mon pochoir à intervalles réguliers)...
J'aime beaucoup l'effet fondu, mais l'encre blanche Florilèges Design n'était pas facile à étaler, si c'était à refaire, je crois que j'utiliserai plutôt de l'encre en spray ou de la peinture acrylique/gesso.

If you use this technique, I would love to see it !

03 September 2013

Some additional tutorials for the September Counterfeit Kit...

This month, I was really inspired by the inspiration kit on the Counterfeit Kit challenge Blog !

Voici quelques petits tutoriels supplémentaires pour le kit fait-maison de septembre (inspiré par le CKC blog).

I chose the "Adventure" kit as inspiration because I thought that there were lots of papers that I could forge, like this multicolored big chevron one :


Firstly, create a grid on 12 by 12 paper, and use it to draw about six regular chevrons. Then cut out partially two spaced out chevrons (let about one inch on each side). It will be your stencil.
Fasten your paper stencil to your background paper with washi tape, and spread ink with a blending tool.
Tip : use a craft sheet or a plastic sheet to start you circular movement, it prevents the foam to let marks and it helps to blend the ink better.
Allow to dry and move your stencil to ink each chevron. You can layer a little some chevrons if you want, like on the original paper from Crate Paper.
Note that the result paper will not be 12 by 12 because of the edges on the stencil.

Pour imiter ce papier à gros chevrons multicolores de Crate Paper, j'ai tout d'abord fabriqué un pochoir en papier (j'ai tracé un quadrillage sur une feuille de brouillon pour m'aider à dessiner des chevrons réguliers, puis j'ai évidé deux chevrons, en laissant un petit bord de chaque côté).
Ensuite, j'ai fixé mon pochoir sur mon fond de page avec du scotch de masquage et j'ai encré avec une petite éponge à encre (j'ai utilisé un tapis plastifié - marron sur la photo - pour éviter les traces disgracieuses et obtenir un effet fondu).
J'ai régulièrement déplacé mon pochoir pour encrer tout mon fond de page, et voilà ! Par contre, le fond de page obtenu ne fait pas 30 cm de côté à cause des bords du pochoir...

I thought that I also may share more photos about my homemade labels and how I made them :


Quelques photos supplémentaires de mes étiquettes maison... Pour tamponner seulement les parties de tampons dont j'avais besoin, j'ai utilisé des feutres encreur ou la technique du masquage.

Ink pens are really great to ink selected parts of any stamp, and it helps to stretch their use. For example, I needed a little circle and I only had this circled star stamp... No problem with the ink pen !
I love to use masks for layering stamped images, it adds a nice touch, like my ledger stamp into the circle label.
Masks are also great to add colors on a selected surface (see the last photo where I add yellow ink onto powder-embossed stamped words).

Handwritten stickers words are trendy but if you don't mind to cut up (and after that, to glue !), they are not difficult to make (and I love that handwritten items are written with my own writing, in the size I want, with the words I need !) : just write with a lead pencil (write normally first, then add thickness to your words), cut with precision scissors and erase...
Tip : cut up the letter's inners first (you may prefer to use a cutter for that), it helps to prevent them from tearing. The bigger the word, the easier to cut up.


I chose to use white paper, that way I will color the words to match my layouts.

Et pour finir, des mots écrits et découpés à la main, comme quand j'ai débuté le scrap... Toujours aussi long, mais surtout toujours aussi bon marché pour quelqu'un qui n'a pas de machine de découpe électronique !
A demain pour un nouveau tutoriel.

Come back tomorrow to see the last tutorial : the big white chevrons on kraft paper.

02 September 2013

A doilies patterned paper tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial for a doilies patterned paper:


This paper is inspired by a Crate Paper paper which is part of this month's inspiration kit (on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge).

01 September 2013

A customized paper banner for my blog

My first project with this kit is a customized paper banner for my blog ! I was inspired by the french blog "Chez les poulettes, on s'affiche !" (I think it means "With the chicks, we flaunt ourselves !" because it's a blog with a new banner sketch each month.).

Supplies used : Patterned papers by My Mind's Eyes and Swirlcards - Doily die by Kési'art - Handmade items : paper with Distress inks, washi tape (with handmade stamp) and label.
Mon tout premier projet avec mon kit de septembre fait-maison, c'est une bannière pour mon blog ! J'ai suivi le sketch proposé sur le blog des Poulettes.
Un des papiers utilisés est fait-maison à l'aide d'encres Distress (appliquer différentes couleurs sur une surface lisse, vaporiser un peu d'eau, appliquer SANS FROTTER la feuille pour encrer toute la surface, et sécher au pistolet à chaleur pour fixer le résultat).

One of my patterned paper is homemade with distress inks.
I was inspired by a Crate Paper paper (which is part of this month's inspiration kit), and even if I didn't manage to get a close likeness, I still love the similar blurred look.


Step 1 : Apply Distress inks (the lighter color first) on the craft sheet and spray some water.
Step 2 : Apply carefully the paper onto the ink. Move without rubbing and press gently several times to ink all the surface.
Step 3 : Dry with a hot gun to fix the result, add some subtle stamping and ink the edges.

Notice that when they will be dry, the colors will lighten.

I also used my homemade washi tape.
I used a plain white washi tape and I stamped it with chevrons (this is a handmade stamp from my July counterfeit kit) with my Archival ink (I needed a multi surface ink), then I let dry all the night.


J'ai aussi utilisé du scotch de masquage fait-maison en encrant du scotch de masquage blanc avec une encre muti-surface (le tampon chevron est lui aussi fait-maison, voir mon kit de Juillet).

Finally, I used one of my homemade labels.
For making them, I gathered my labels and words stamps, my ink pencils (to ink only what I select) and some sticky notes to use as masks, and I started to play !


Et pour finir, j'ai aussi utilisé l'une de mes étiquettes fait-maison !

I will share the doily paper's tutorial tomorrow !

My September Counterfeit Kit as guest designer !

Welcome to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Reveal Blog hop for September !

Bienvenue sur la chaîne de blogs pour le nouveau kit du Counterfeit Challenge Kit Blog ! Je suis ravie d'être l'invitée créative de Septembre, et j'espère que le kit que j'ai assemblé vous inspirera... Plein de pas-à-pas à venir pour fabriquer vos propres papiers ou embellissements !

I am thrilled to be the guest designer for this month and I hope that my forged kit will inspire you...
The inspiration kits are the Citrus Twist July kits, and I chose to counterfeit the PL kit "Adventure".


And here is the kit I forged :

scrapbooking homemade kit

A closer look at my papers (on the right), side by side with the Crate Paper pad :

A droite les papiers que j'ai fabriqués, à gauche les modèles originaux du fabriquant.

A closer look at some of the papers I forged (mine are on the right, the tutorials are coming soon) :



For this last one, I didn't manage to get a close likeness but I still like the blurred look.
This is the paper I used for my blog's banner ! See HERE for the tutorial.

Ce dernier papier est celui que j'ai utilisé pour la bannière de mon blog ! Le pas-à-pas est ICI.

A closer look at my homemade embellishments (on the black background), side by side with the manufacturers's ones :

And finally, a closer look at my PL cards (the tutorials are coming soon) :


A droite sur fond noir les embellissements que j'ai fabriqués, à gauche ceux du commerce dont je me suis inspirée.

Si vous êtes perdus, voici la liste de tous les blogs, le prochain, c'est celui d'Angela ! Merci de votre passage.

In case you get lost, here is the list of all the blogs : 

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Next stop is the charming Angela.

Thanks for stopping by !